Digitally Delayed Frequency Synthesizer - SYN101

General Description:

The SYN101 modules generate two CW sinusoidal waveforms at frequencies up to 1 GHz with programmable delay. The SYN101 can be controlled by a PC via a USB interface. The module comprises two direct digital synthesizers (DDS), DS875, which have 30-bit frequency resolution and 11-bit phase resolution. Each DDS provides an independent RF channel with adjustable frequency from DC up to 1 GHz and adjustable phase from 0° ~ 360° in 11-bit resolution. The SYN101 is equipped with an on-board 2-GHz PLL clock source and powered by a 12V wall-mount AC adapter.

Key Features:

Graphical User Interface Application:

GUI Application

» To download the SYN101 Software and Manual, please click here.

Electrical Specifications:

Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Output Frequency Fout 0   1 GHz
Frequency Resolution Δf   1   Hz
Output Level Vout -635   0 mV
Output Power Pout -4   0 dBm
Residual Phase Noise1 φ   -145   dBc/Hz
Clock Port Return Loss RLRF   10   dB
Output Port Return Loss RLRF   15   dB
Power Supply +12V   +12   V
I+12   880   mA

110 KHz offset

Terminal Description:

Name Function I/O Signal
GND Ground   DC
+12V Power, +12 V   DC
OAP Channel A Waveform Output Positive O RF
OAN Channel A Waveform Output Negative O RF
OBP Channel B Waveform Output Positive O RF
OBN Channel B Waveform Output Negative O RF

Detailed Specifications:

DDS Frequency Resolution 30 bits
DDS Phase Resolution 11 bits
Frequency Update Rate 1/8 of input clock
User Interface Windows XP Graphical User Interface, USB
Input Clock (Optional)
Type Single Ended, 50-Ω terminated
Connector Type SMA
Frequency Range 500 MHz to 2.0 GHz
Type Differential, 50-Ω terminated
Connector Type SMA
Frequency Range Up to 1 GHz
Output Level -635 mV to 0 V
Output Power -4 dBm to 0 dBm
Residual Phase Noise -145 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz
Output Return Loss 15 dB

Board Diagram:

Board Diagram

Board Dimensions
Length 5 inches
Width 4 inches
Height 1.75 inches with heat sinks
(0.6 inches without heat sinks)

Detailed Datasheet:

To get the complete SYN101 datasheet, please click here.

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