Linear Chirping

Linear Chirping

The DSM202 offers linear up-chirping so the step frequency will be constant for a specified chirp. The user is able to change the step frequency when the module is stopped but for a given waveform, the difference between successive frequencies will be the same when the DSM202 is running.

The graph below shows a graphical example of a 16-point linear chirp where the step frequency is 1/256 of the input clock frequency.

Graph of Linear Chirping

The following photo is an actual waveform produced by the DSM202. The input clock is 2 GHz. The module starts at 7.8125 MHz and chirps all the way up to 125 MHz in steps of 7.8125 MHz. The signal below the chirping waveform is the marker.

(Linear Chirping Waveform Photo)

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