Digital Synthesizer Module
DDS Based Linear Chirping Module - DSM202

General Description:

The DSM202 module generates linear frequency chirping CW with frequency update rates up to 1/32 of the clock rate. The DSM202 can be controlled using a user-friendly GUI on a PC. The sole RF input is the clock source DDSCK at 2.0 GHz with minimum power of 3 dBm. The outputs of the module consist of a pair of differential analog outputs, DDSOP/DDSON. The DSM202 is our lowest cost linear chirping source solution available.

Key Features:


Board Photo:

(DSM202 Board Photo)

Graphical User Interface Application:

(GUI Screenshot)

» To download the DSM Software, API, and Manual, please click here.

Example Waveform Outputs:

The following outputs have a start frequency of 7.8125 MHz, a stop frequency of 125 Mhz, and a step frequency of 7.8125 Mhz. The DSM202 module input clock was at 2.0 GHz for all four waveforms.

Ramped Chirping

(image here) (image here)
Ramped Chirping in Free Run Mode Ramped Chirping in Burst Run Mode

Triangle Chirping

(image here) (image here)
Triangle Chirping in Free Run Mode Triangle Chirping in Burst Run Mode

Detailed Specifications:

DDS Frequency Resolution 32 bits
Frequency Update Rate 1/32 of Input Clock
Waveform Generation Modes Continuous
Triggered Continuous
Triggered Burst
Waveform Profiles Ramp
Level Control (Optional)
User Interface USB
Windows GUI, USB
Type Single Ended, Sinusoidal or Square Wave
Termination 50 ohms
Connector Type SMA
Frequency Range 1 GHz to 2 GHz for chirping
Power Level 3 dBm to 18 dBm
Return Loss 10 dB
Type Differential
Termination 50 ohms
Connector Type SMA
Output Sampling Rate Range 1 GSPS to 2 GSPS
Output Maximum Frequency Half of Sampling Rate
Output Level -635 mV to 0 V
Output Power -4 dBm to 0 dBm
Residual Phase Noise @ 10kHz from Carrier -145 dBc/Hz
Output Return Loss 15 dB
Connector Type SMA
Source External
External Trigger Threshold Levels
VIL,min: 0 V
VIL,max: 0.8 V

VIH,min: 2.0 V
VIH,max: 3.3 V
Number of Markers 1
Marker Length 1/4 of Chirp Length
Marker Output Level
VOL,max: 0.4 V
VOH,min: 2.9 V

VOL,typ: 0 V
VOH,typ: 3.3 V
Version Euvis API 2.0
CLR Language Support Visual C++
Visual C#
Visual Basic
Visual J#

Board Diagram:

(DSM202 Board Diagram)

Detailed Datasheet:

To get the complete DSM202 datasheet, please click here.

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