Software Setup

Please download ARTS_BB 971 setup file required for Euvis modules to install Graphic User Interafce(GUI), Application Programming Interface(API), and interafce drivers. The ARTS_BB 971 is a USB-control modules using USB interfaces for operations. Therefore, USB driver installations are mandotary.

Software Requirements

Before attempting to install the Euvis software, please ensure that you have the following prerequisite software installed on your PC:

If you do not have the .NET Framework, you can download it here:
.NET Framework

If you do not have the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Runtime library you can download the x86 version here ( 4.8 MB ):
Visual Studio 2010 Runtime ( x86 )

or the x64 version here ( 5.5 MB ):
Visual Studio 2010 Runtime ( x64 )

GUI/API Installation

Once you have installed the prerequisite software described above, follow the steps below to install the Euvis module software. DO NOT connect the power cable or USB cable yet.

USB Driver Installation for USB-Control Device

Congratulations! You have now completed the software setup for your Euvis module.

If you have any trouble installing the software, consult the Troubleshooting section of this manual or Contact Us